"As a parent of two and a former teacher. I'm consistently impressed by the quality of teachers at Greenwood.  They design, fun, engaging, and age appropriate activities.  Teachers communicate frequently with parents and invite them to be part of the classroom community through different holiday celebrations."

Lisa B.


We are committed to creating a warm, friendly environment designed to enhance every aspect of your child’s learning experience, from colorful art, comfortable furniture, cheerfully decorated classrooms and equipment to computers and high security.  All of
the toys, equipment, books and other materials are carefully selected to provide the best educational experience for your child with safety and security in mind.

Outdoor Classrooms

We have a unique outdoor play area.  The equipment utilized outside is designed to
extend the indoor classroom outdoors.  We also utilize the traditional outdoor equipment
and have developed an outdoor environment that focuses on gross motor skills with
specific equipment and teacher directed activities that focus on general motor skills.

Global Diversity

Our classrooms represent many cultures and we are committed to celebrating this
diversity and exposing the children to the languages, customs and cultures of many
cultures.  We educate the classes through materials available in the activity areas,
curriculum objectives and special events and celebrations throughout the year.  During
the summer we expose the children to a different country and its’ culture each week.  
We also expose the children to Spanish and Sign Language as part of our curriculum and
daily activities.