"After having our children at Greenwood for six years, will will be very sorry to say good-bye to the teachers and staff when our son starts kindergarten.  The caliber of staff is unparalleled in any preschool/day care that we visited.   We feel privileged to have had our children cared for by such loving, kind and caring staff.  Not only do the children learn a great deal, but they have a lot of fun doing it!  I recommend Greeenwood to any parent who is looking for a care center for his or her child."

Krista H.


All of our classes focus on developing the child as a whole including all aspects of child development (social, emotional, cognitive and gross motor skills).




















Voyagers  See Photos

This is our youngest class, which opened in June 2008.  This class will focus on self–help
skills and exploring the world around them through finger play, stories, songs and all of
the wonderful material in our classroom.  Music and songs are used as learning tools and
are incorporated into their daily activities.

Pioneers  See Photos

Our toddler class is full of fun and enthusiasm.  This class has up to 10
children and 2 teachers.  The class focuses on social interactions, self-help skills, and
communication.  The children in this class participate in singing, dancing, stories, art
projects and a variety of activities to help develop motor skills.

Investigators   See Photos

This is our two to three year old class  and is made up of 16 children and 2
teachers.  These children are always on the move!  They are in the process of mastering
their self-help skills and they are working hard on their fine motor skills.  The
classroom provides children with many opportunities to express themselves through art
music, dramatic play and games.

Explorers  See Photos

This is our Early Pre K classroom. This class has 18 students with 2 teachers.  The
classroom focuses on developing independence, problem solving and social skills.  The
teachers and students in this classroom enjoy participation in songs, science and cooking
experiments, group activities and games, learning Spanish and Sign Language and art
projects.  The focus is to allow children to be creative and experiment with materials
while developing their cognitive skills.

Adventurers  See Photos

This is our  Pre-Kindergarten class and is best fitted for children who miss the
kindergarten cut-off date. The children attend 5 mornings or 5 full days. This is
one of our smaller classes with 12 children, which allows for more individualized
instruction and interactions to prepare them for Kindergarten.  The children in this
class work on fine tuning their motor skills through art projects, manipulatives and
blocks.  They also enjoy working in small groups on cooking projects and science
experiments all of which develop their cognitive skills.