"The Greenwood School has been a huge part of our family since our son was just a few months old.  I cannot recommend them highly enough -- just knowing that your child is in a place where they are not only safe and healthy, but cared for and thriving is the best peace of mind as a parent.  We are so thankful to all the staff and teachers for making the school a place where our child loves to learn and play."

The Hendrix Family

About Us


Our desire is to provide an atmosphere that will challenge children to live as self-directed explorers. We are dedicated to offering a high quality, healthy, safe, and nurturing developmental experience that is culturally diverse and sensitive. We seek to empower families and the community with an understanding of the multiple intelligences needed to become life-long learners.

The Greenwood School is dedicated to lifelong learning and continuous personal development of young children and families. Our mission is to provide a premium early childhood education to communities in North Carolina and to impact the advancements in its delivery. The desire of Greenwood School of Discovery is to provide children with the opportunity and resources to obtain the skills they need to achieve success in life while providing the support to grow.

Our philosophy allows children to grow and learn at their own pace and in the many unique ways that are best for them. Through well-planned environments, the school promotes the development of physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills.

We strive to offer many opportunities for the family to grow and feel supported. We aim to provide responsive, respectful care for individual children, families, and staff members.


Valerie Hawkins

Has owned and operated The Greenwood School of Discovery for the past 9 years. She has 3 school aged children and loves children of all ages. Her fundamental desire is to have an amazing place for children to learn and explore. Staff are developed and supported to be great teachers and care givers. Partnerships are formed with parents to give them the peace of mind and flexibility to balance work and family.


All staff members have experience in early childhood education, training, and education
in the field of early childhood.  All Lead Teachers are degreed with early childhood
credentials and experienced in early childhood.  All of our teachers have a love for children and teaching. In addition to early childhood education and experience our teachers and staff incorporate their many unique talents from language, art and yoga to soccer and musical instruments. Our staff and their talents create the wonderful learning experience and environment at The Greenwood School of Discovery.