"As a parent of two and a former teacher. I'm consistently impressed by the quality of teachers at Greenwood.  They design, fun, engaging, and age appropriate activities.  Teachers communicate frequently with parents and invite them to be part of the classroom community through different holiday celebrations."

Lisa B.

Special Events

Special Events

We have many special events and visitors during the school year.

Theatre Group
Once a year we invite a traveling theatre group for young audiences to come to the
school to perform an adaptation of a children's story in a fun, musical way. We spend a
couple of days before they come to learn about the story in our classrooms. It is
integrated into our weekly themes. They have performed a variety of stories including
The Gingerbread Man, Stone Soup, and The Princess and the Pea. This is a big hit for
the parents to see as well.

Animal Visits
To enhance our hibernation and migration themes in the winter, we invite a guest to
bring in some friendly animal visitors. He brings in animals that hibernate or migrate
along with some other fun animals ranging from porcupines and owls to monkeys and baby

Towards the end of the school year we have a magician come by and have some fun with
magic tricks that often involve the children and the teachers.

We have many celebrations throughout the school year. We celebrate events from
Thanksgiving and other special holidays to a Teddy Bear Tea Party and an End of Year
Celebration and Graduation. Our celebration allows families to get to know each other
and promote a sense of community.