"We knew the moment we visited the Greenwood School that it was the right place for our 2 daughters. Since then, the teachers and staff have only exceeded our expectations. Now we feel like they are family, and my girls are excited to go to school every day. Everyone at the school loves, nurtures, and teaches the kids and creates such a warm, engaging, and supportive environment. We are thankful every day that we found the Greenwood School."

Erin N.

Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy
We have a strong focus on language and literacy which we incorporate through all of our activity areas, teacher directed activities and daily routines. Phonological awareness is developed through music, rhymes, and rhyming books, the understanding of books and text is introduced through information books, magazines, story books, and alphabet and number books. Print knowledge is developed through reading to children, demonstrating writing, using lists and text used throughout the classroom and talking about letters and words as they are written. Comprehension skills are developed through open ended questions during storybook reading, and encouraging children to retell familiar stories with props. Literacy is also developed as an all important source of enjoyment through re-reading favorite books, showing passion for books and reading stories in fun and
dramatic ways.