"We knew the moment we visited the Greenwood School that it was the right place for our 2 daughters. Since then, the teachers and staff have only exceeded our expectations. Now we feel like they are family, and my girls are excited to go to school every day. Everyone at the school loves, nurtures, and teaches the kids and creates such a warm, engaging, and supportive environment. We are thankful every day that we found the Greenwood School."

Erin N.

Enrichment Activities

Afternoon Enrichment
Each day of the week has a specific afternoon enrichment focus to further extend concepts. We focus on music, arts/fine arts, Spanish/Sign Language, science and gross motor activities in a fun learning experience.  


 To supplement our music time we have an instructor come and visit our classrooms. The children enjoy this experience that introduces music and movement concepts in a truly fun and engaging way.


We supplement our gross motor activities with an instructor that comes and teaches soccer in a fun and playful way. Children love this instruction time.