"We knew the moment we visited the Greenwood School that it was the right place for our 2 daughters. Since then, the teachers and staff have only exceeded our expectations. Now we feel like they are family, and my girls are excited to go to school every day. Everyone at the school loves, nurtures, and teaches the kids and creates such a warm, engaging, and supportive environment. We are thankful every day that we found the Greenwood School."

Erin N.

Educational Curriculum

Educational Curriculum
The school uses the Creative Curriculum as a framework for developmentally appropriate practice. Teachers plan and implement a hands-on, active, environmentally based curriculum that integrates all areas of development. Children learn best through play; thus, the curriculum arranges the environment to encourage exploration and connection.

Teachers use their creativity around central themes to plan for appropriate experiences. The overall goal of our programming is to develop children to their fullest potential in all areas of development. These areas include physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. All children should leave the school feeling that they are special and that they can make a contribution to those around them. Academics are introduced to preschoolers through literacy, small group instruction, real-life math activities, concept development through problem solving, and a sense of
"connectedness”. Skills are not taught in isolation but rather in an integrated fashion that always connects to a central theme.